Install a Security System in Your Home

Install a Security System in Your Home

Our cameras and remote monitoring technology are what you need

You need a security system that works for your needs and protects your family and property. We offer basic monitoring by landline and cell phone to give you an affordable way to monitor activity at your home. Landline monitoring starts as low as $16.50 per month, and cell phone monitoring starts at as little as $25 per month.

Each of these designs is equipped with a 24/7 monitoring device that will call the proper authorities if your alarm is set off.

Questions? Call MHS Systems to learn more about our monitoring security systems.

Control the camera on your security system

MHS Systems carries security cameras that capture live streams and recorded videos of your property. Our security experts will help you find the camera system that fits your needs. Whether you want to record what happens at your front door or all around your house, we have the system for your needs.

Call MHS Systems at 404-349-1647 to learn more about our security camera systems.

Try our remote monitoring and management services

Use state-of-the-art technology to protect your property. Our remote monitoring systems use alarms, cameras, lights, touch screens and your network to monitor doors, rooms and anything else you need. In the case of an attempt to breach your system or an electrical issue, we can send you text and email alerts.

Our remote monitoring and management service costs as little as $25 per month. Call 404-349-1647 today to learn more.