Featured Testimonial!

We have been clients of MHS for almost two decades. I emphasize this because it’s not often that you have the opportunity to build a long term relationship with a company anymore --especially, one that will be as intimately involved in your home and security system as John has been. He has become part of our family. MHS was one of the companies we chose to ‘walk the path’ with us as we built our home. They were integral to the installation of the communications network, the entertainment systems and more importantly, our security system… which has allowed us to sleep peacefully through the night. We relied on MHS and John to help us after an electrical storm damaged some of our technical components and, again, when we just wanted to upgrade certain aspects of our various systems. We would recommend MHS and John to all our friends with high marks in technical expertise and knowledge of his product, excellent troubleshooting skills, and great customer service. Because we have technical backgrounds and a love of electronic devices, John is also a knowledge source who doesn’t mind sharing his vast pools of knowledge with us. We can pick up the phone and talk to him about any thoughts and ideas we have about how the system currently works or enhancements and he gives us the straight scoop. Like I said before, John has literally become part of our family. Thanks John!